Groups & Individuals

Mindfulness not only reduces stress but also builds an inner strength so that future stressors have less impact on our happiness and physical well-being.


Stepping In- Foundations of Mindfulness: 8 Week Program

Designed to develop a daily mindfulness practice enhancing one’s well-being.


  • 6-8 sessions, 90 minutes each, delivered over 6-8 weeks
  • One on one or group class.
  • Delivery available in person or via video conferencing
  • Training Includes:
    • Key mindfulness concepts
    • Essential/basic mindfulness practices
    • Neuroscience and research supporting mindfulness
    • Formal and informal practices
    • Weekly audio support for home, office or travel.
    • Electronic or hardcopy materials to support learning
    • Weekly or daily practice reminders

Mindful Awareness Through Art (M.A.T.A.)

Designed as an alternative experience with mindfulness, understanding mindfulness through the creative, tactile experience.  Basic mindful practices are explored with particular focus on mindful breathing.  Appropriate for all levels of mindfulness and art experience.

  • Format:
    • 8 sessions, 90 minutes each, delivered over 8 weeks
    • Delivery in person, one on one or in small groups
  • Training Includes:
    • Essential/basic mindfulness practices
    • Creative materials: paint, clay, brushes, etc.
    • Neuroscience and research supporting mindfulness
    • Formal and informal practices, with creative emphasis
    • Weekly audio support for home, office or travel.
    • Electronic or hardcopy materials to support learning
    • Weekly or daily practice reminders

Additional Programs Offered:

Deepening  Your Practice

Mindful Eating

Self Compassion

Working with Difficult Emotions


My life changed when I decided to try Mindful Meditation sessions with Jill. My magical journey began when I met this extraordinary teacher whose insight and gentle manner were illuminating and uplifting. She helped me understand the meaning of ‘Mindfulness’ to others and myself alike. She taught me to be kind to myself. ..She guided me in working through emotions. Learning to meditate with Jill and practicing meditation every day has helped me clear the cobwebs out of my mind, I am able to focus and think clearly. My mind feels calm and I have energy and enthusiasm for life…There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward you Jill. Simply put, Thank you for being my guide. Its an honor to know you.

Neerja S.

I loved Jills mindfulness class.  What a gift to give yourself!  If you feel like your life is on overdrive & you dont have time to make the class- make it happen!

Lisa K.

The workshop has surpassed all expectations; I have some concrete methods to achieve a sense of peace and calm, my stress levels are much lower and Ive learned how to live more in the moment than I ever did before.  Id highly recommend this class and look forward to attending more of Jills workshops.

Kristen S.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Stress is not always a bad thing; It’s a normal part of life. It is what propels us forward to make decisions, it motivates us to succeed and it helps us clarify goals and motivations. It’s when we become overwhelmed by our circumstances and feel “stressed out” that problems can emerge.

Life can pass us by as we ruminate over past regrets or worry about what looms ahead. Our minds become lost in the past or the future and it affects how we feel about ourselves, others, and the world around us.  Awareness, acceptance and being open and curious of the present moment is integral to a mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness – A Way of Being

Mindfulness is not a technique, it is a way of ‘being’. It is when we choose to pay deliberate attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way.

Mindfulness requires us to access our inner resources; the key to feeling centered lies within us, we just need a little help to unlock it. It’s simply paying attention to what you are thinking, feeling and doing at any given moment, rather than habitually reacting to situations. When you are mindful, you are choosing to turn down the dial of the internal and external chatter to unleash your inner sense of calm. This is a powerful resource.

 “……our habit of wanting to be somewhere else is so strong. Weve distracted ourselves from the present for so many moments, for so many years, even lifetimes.

Jack Kornfield