Mindfulness in the Workplace

Your Differentiator:  

Increasing capacity for focus, innovation, and collaboration

Our corporate mindfulness trainings utilize the latest in neuroscience research with specific mindfulness practices and techniques.

  • Increasing employee productivity

  • Reducing absenteeism & turnover

  • Increasing concentration & memory

  • Enhancing work relationships

  • Improving job satisfaction

We offer a variety of workshops and courses to meet the challenges and goals of your company. Partnering together, we can establish a sustainable program to cultivate and expand attention and awareness. We’re passionate about supporting the success and vitality of your corporation.

Mindfulness teaches your employees, managers and executives simple and innovative ways to manage stress, maintain objectivity in the face of challenges, remain responsive rather than reactive, show compassion, and foster trust between colleagues and clients.

Producing clearer thinking, enhanced communication and sustained focus, businesses derive immense value because the people working for them are engaged, aware, healthier and happier.

Workplace Programs

Intro Overview: 1 Session Workshop

A productive way of learning about mindfulness and introducing it to the workplace.  The definition and basic concepts about mindfulness, the history and research that supports its benefits and effectiveness.  A brief understanding of the relationship between the brain, stress, and mindfulness is explored.  Participants experience short mindfulness practices throughout the workshop.

  • Format:
    • 1 Session, 90 minutes to 3 hours
    • Delivery in person or Available in person
  • Training menu includes:
    • Mindfulness in the workplace
    • Benefits and neuroscience of mindfulness
    • Taster of mindfulness practices
    • Supportive research
    • Take away practices for office or trave

Achieving the Foundations- 8 Session Workshop

A customized experience developed to create a productive work environment. A simple, relatable way to integrate mindful attention and awareness practices into the workplace.

  • Format:
    • 8 sessions, 45- 90 minutes, delivered over 8 to 12 weeks
    • Available in person or video conferencing
    • Optional monthly follow-up sessions
  • Training Includes
    • Developing personal mindfulness practice
    • Key mindfulness concepts
    • Supportive research in neuroscience
    • Stress and its workplace triggers
    • Mindful communication
    • Formal and informal practices for the workplace
    • Weekly guided practice for office, home or travel
    • Electronic or hardcopy material to support learning
    • Weekly or daily practice reminders

Leadership Training: One-on-One

Busy executives and managers don’t always have time available to attend a structured course.  Helping leadership find ways of incorporating a regular mindfulness practice in their personal and work lives can be extremely beneficial.  Customized to meet the specific challenges and goals of the individual.

  • Format
    • 8 session, 45-90 minutes , delivered over 8 to 12 sessions
    • Delivery available face to face or video conference
  • Training Includes:
    • Initial consultation, specific goals and outcomes determined.
    • Key concepts in mindfulness concepts
    • Supportive research in neuroscience
    • Formal and informal practices
    • Weekly audio for office, home or travel
    • Electronic or hardcopy material to support learning
    • Email or text practice reminders

“Stress has been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century” by the World Health Organization.  An epidemic that will be one of the most significant challenges businesses face over the next decade—a threat to engagement, productivity, retention and looming health care costs.”

~ Huffington Post 2016 , Workplace Stress: The Health Epidemic of the 21st Century

80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.

~ American Institute of Stress


Life and Work Pressures- How to Balance

The demands of corporate life are immense and a fast paced environment can place heavy burdens on people. Autopilot becomes a coping strategy to get through the day – a day that leads to stress, fatigue and a sense of overwhelm.

Training in mindfulness practices enables people and businesses to lead more successful and happier lives by transforming the workplace into a more productive, creative and fulfilling environment.


  • Increase focus and clarity of thought
  • Reduces stress, fatigue and illness
  • Greater cognitive effectiveness and capacity for decision making
  • Preventative wellness – less susceptible to chronic illness
  • More effective communication
  • Greater ability to address conflict
  • Enhances creativity, emotional resilience, and cooperation
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Stronger leadership skills
  • Greater teamwork

We’ve all been through a million corporate programs, Mindfulness is different…Bringing Jill’s programs into my company brought simple, practical, and scientifically-backed exercises that eased the stress and anxiety of our daily challenges. It increased focus, productivity and created an environment of calmness.

Mary Kolbenschlag, Strategic Business Consultant